Gourmandises was Alizée's first studio album, released 28 November, 2000. it was written by Mylene Farmer, and compsed by Laurent Boutonnat. It contains 10 tracks. It had four singles, the first of which was "Moi... Lolita". It is Alizee's most successful album to date, critically and commercially. It has sold over 700,000 copies in France, and over 2 million internationally.

Track Listing:

1. Moi... Lolita 4:16 (single)
2. Lui ou Toi 4:15
3. L'Alize 4:15 (single)
4. J.B.G. 3:55
5. Mon Maquis 5:40
6. Parler tout bas 4:35 (single)
7. Veni Vidi Vici 4:20
8. Abracadabra 4:00
9. Gourmandises 4:10 (single)
10. A quoi reve une jeune fille 4:05

After winning second place in a singing contest on the French talent show Graines de Stars in 1999, Alizee was discovered by Mylene Farmer. Farmer had written Moi... Lolita, and intended on finding a younger performer to sing it. She found Alizee, and the song was made. After finishing Moi... Lolita, it was released as a single prior to the album. In November of 2000, the album was released in France to much critical acclaim. It was released internationally in March 2001. 7 songs from the album have live versions available on Alizee's concert dvd/cd, Alizee En Concert, which includes performances from her 2003-2004 Mes Courants Electriques France tour.